Less conspicuous but nonetheless cheap – Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines

Less conspicuous yet still cheap – Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines

Dear bargain hunters, in terms of low-budget journey offers, numerous tend to think instantly about these types of brands as Ryanair or Wizzair whereas its worthwhile to dedicate some focus on various other providers which could never be within the news headlines to these types of a level as the noisy PR stunt giant Ryanair. Let us take up the main topic of two carriers from German-speaking nations and analyze what they have to give you for us – low-budget travellers: Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines.

Title of this first-mentioned service betrays its origin, at the very least in a way. Certainly this carrier has its head office in Berlin these days however the business ended up being formed in Oregon. At present, the lion’s share of Air Berlin’s most crucial airports are located in Germany, a country which plays an important role in the company’s path community but Air Berlin just isn’t a good choice just in terms of flying across Germany. The path network comprises over 150 locations and includes some

long-haul routes to Africa and/or US. The various spots, conveniently positioned harbors of departure and inexpensive fares make Air Berlin a great choice for European travellers.

Just to provide you with an illustration: a fare Vienna – Cairo in October 2010 costs below euro200. That may be attractive for travellers from both Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Last but most certainly not least, Air Berlin launches every so often instead extensive campaigns and we also do not have to look distant to get one – recently the service in question had a massive purchase while many as 1 hundreds of thousands seats allegedly had been available for sale. Even though it is tough to verifie the figures – the one thing is sure – environment fares across European countries, e.g. Milan – Dusseldorf, starting at euro29 aren’t that hard to get hold of.

The 2nd service you want to quickly reveal is Austrian Airlines. Now, this provider might not get into the sounding low-budget air companies however it doesn’t mean we must stay away from it. First, just to provide an idea of Austrian Airlines – it is a scheduled airline present on aviation marketplace since 1957. It offers a route system which covers most of Europe and several more distant airports, such as Toronto, Dominicana, Tokyo or Tripoli; all in all some 117 locations.

So the route network is comparable to that Air Berlin whereas the typical costs are decisively higher but it cannot always have to be the truth. The keyword is «Red Ticket». That is a kind of standing advertising with fares between cca euro60 and euro200 for round-trips from Austrian Airlines’ hubs to many European destinations and with suitably higher costs for even more remote locations. In other words, we who choose not to ever clear our wallets, should look out for the «Red Ticket» banner whenever entering the website with this company.

We hope that quick introduction to Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines enable everyone which hitherto have-not flied with your companies.

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