Which flight to choose? Discover European airlines

Which airline to choose? Discover European air companies

A well-prepared traveller is well upon the main topic of airlines, understands what kind of costs he/she can get from various carries and usually have the finger in the pulse. One of the ways of becoming a well-prepared traveller is always to browse the articles from series “Which flight to choose?”.

This time we present to you three companies which vary virtually with regards to profile and targeted destinations.

TAP Portugal

We begin with the flag service from sunny Portugal. This conventional flight – in the marketplace since 1945 – is a Star Alliance user and the owner of two subsidiaries.  Over many years the company features is constantly developing its course network. Recently, it is the African section of path network that seems to be prioritized.   

Protect for a variety of African spots, TAP Portugal runs a large range roads to significant amounts of European cities plus a number of contacts to Americas.

Let’s take a look at the kind of inexpensive airfares that TAP Portugal offers. Unsurprisingly, the cheapest fares take the European roads, like Lisbon Madrid from euro49 or Lisbon Barcelona from euro49. The Best violation price we find recently is for flights Lisbon/Porto – Madeira. A flight for this haven island is yours on cost of euro36.
If you travel from Lisbon or Porto, we suggest you retain a watch from the formal page of TAP Portugal given that airline releases promo routes to chosen European places on daily basis.


As TAP, Finnair is also a flag carrier, but unlike its Portuguese counterpart, Finnair represent an easy method colder section of Europe – Finland. This provider and a Oneworld user belongs to the many standard air companies and may trace back its record to 1923.
Finnair connects Northern European countries with a rather big range destinations worldwide. Along with its fleet composed of 61 plane of kind Boeing, Embraer and Airbus, Finnair offers flights for some 66 locations. Many of them are available from the main hub – Airport Helsinki.

Finnair is through no meas a cheap company but among its provides one could every so often spot a few more affordable fares. Let us take a look. The greatest fares – around euro140 – tend to be for domestic flights. Virtually similar variety of cost one will pay for a flight to St. Petersburg (from euro 135). Other European urban centers, e.g. London, Budapest or Frankfurt are up for grabs for below euro250. The prices are pretty stable and remain on a single degree for a longer period of time. Something else – these airfares are for all-inclusive for return trips.

Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines belongs a different niche of the aviation market. This Uk charter line which market it self using the name of this popular traveller is a new company produced by the merger of of two other enterprises. Despite its quick presence available, it runs a fleet which is in no way little: with its 44 aircraft the carrier flies to around 95 locations. These numbers add up to those of more traditional carriers.

The flight targets widely known leisure spots in south of European countries. The names like Rhodes, Heraklion or Corfu simply leaves without doubt in regards to what are the favourite spots of passengers of Thomas Cook Airlines.

Let us just take a peep at some examples of airfares from this flight which means you know what to anticipate regarding travel costs. This airline has steady airfares ranging from around £30 to over £300. Great news to all low-budget travellers – airfares between £30 and £40 and generally are in abundant supply. A few examples: London – Dalaman from £ 31.99, Birmingham – Antalya from £ 36.99 or Manchester – Bodrum beginning at £ 38.99. These are all-inclusive one-way fares. This indicates as though a getaway to sunny parts is within your get to.

Develop this short article gave you some insight into these known companies.

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